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Thousands of users have long wanted to know how to edit videos online, but this problem requires that the editor be as simple as possible. Professional tools require hours of use or study to learn to handle them well. For those who do not want to learn professional video editors, FlexClip is their best choice. It’s an online video editor that provides lots of easy-to-use preloaded settings and resources. With the rise of videos on social networks like TikTok or lately Instagram reels, many “content creators” are looking for simple tools to edit videos easily. FlexClip offers that versatility with a tool that is simple, fast, and intuitive to use. You just have to log in and create an account to start creating online videos.

How to use FlexClip

Once you enter FlexClip, the interface will provide you with a series of ready-to-use preset templates involving fashion, travel, food, technology, etc. Another option is to start from scratch, which is ideal when you already have all the necessary materials. You will find the project timeline in the interface, where you can insert videos, images, and other backgrounds.

In the editor, you are allowed to use a large stock of video footage, images, elements such as the button to subscribe to YouTube to animate your videos. FlexClip excels in the process where we can easily insert animated text into each video. Fade in and out, pop up, up and down, swipe, drop… In total, FlexClip provides 18 animations for your text, and I think one of them will be very suitable for your project.

Plans and prices

FlexClip is completely free and each of the Premium functions is available to each user who registers within the web platform. If you prefer, there are also plans within FlexClip, which give you extra privileges. These are:

  • Basic package: it has a monthly cost of $ 4.99. It allows you to download videos with 720p HD resolution. It also allows you to create one up to 3 minutes video per project and a maximum of 50 clips from cloud storage.
  • Plus package: it has a monthly cost of $ 7.99. It allows you to download videos with 1080p HD resolution. It also allows you to create five up 10 minutes video per project and a maximum of 200 videos from cloud storage and customize your own logo or watermark.
  • Business Package: has a monthly cost of $ 19.99. It enables you to produce videos in 1080p HD resolution. It also enables you to create 1000 up to 30 minutes videos per project and a maximum of 1000 clips from cloud storage and watermark your video.

There is an Easter Deal of 20% before April,11th.

Opinions of users who have used FlexClip

These are some of the opinions of user experiences about FlexClip:

  • John Carreño: since I started using FlexClip, I was surprised how easy it is to manipulate its functions, I really recommend it and best of all, it is free.
  • Sara Barcento: I can’t stop saying that FlexClip is very powerful. My brand has grown more thanks to the effects that this software has. My advertising banners are now more original than ever.


Frequent questions

  • Does FlexClip integrate with other applications?

No, unfortunately, you cannot include third-party platforms to FlexClip.

  • What platforms does FlexClip support?

It is a web-based platform. Therefore you can use it in any system.

  • What are some of the applications that FlexClip is commonly used in conjunction with?

Web browsers

  • Does FlexClip offer free tutorials, guides, or customer support?

Yes, the official website has at your disposal thousands of guides, video tutorials, and support.

  • Does FlexClip offer multi-user capability (e.g., teams)?

Yes, the FlexClip team is trained to guide you.

  • What is FlexClip generally used for?

It is for making and editing videos.

  • Who are the main FlexClip user groups?

Anyone who wants to make a video.


As you can see, video editing couldn’t be easier. FlexClip is a powerful tool that will facilitate you to grow your brand, create your clips with just a few steps, and best of all, you can do it for free.

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