Flexclip_ Super Easy-to-use Video Maker You Should Try

FlexClip: Super Easy-to-use Video Maker You Should Try


If it takes you massive time, when every time you are asked to produce a decent marketing video in a short time, then you can read further this post because this post will recommend a super-fast video production software, FlexClip, which has a lot of templates to use.

All the special effects are done for you. This freemium program allows you to edit videos within one minute,

Overview of FlexClip

Overview of Flexclip


Fully online editing.

This website allows you to edit your videos on the website without downloading it, which is very convenient.

As long as your computer worked and connected to the website, you can start making videos. If you are worried that the internet speed is not fast enough, it doesn’t matter.

There is also a desktop version of this software that can be downloaded, as long as you go to the Window app store to download the desktop version.

Super many templates.

Many templates in it have been sorted out. Just modify it, and it will immediately be a very textured video. The types range from teaching videos, real estate, education to weddings, birthdays, and travel Vlogs in daily lives.

As well as Youtube, FB, and other video formats all have them, and they can help you classify them quite clearly.

High-speed video production.

The template inside is just like a professional movie with a little modification because the template sets it.

Lots of elements and icons.

Most of his original templates are only about 20 to 30 seconds, but it has a dedicated material library that can be used. The classification is complete, so you definitely can find the material you need.


This tool would not be fit for making a long video of 30 minutes.

How to use FlexClip?

How to use FlexClip

Below part is the tutorial for you more understand how to use FlexClip to make your videos effortlessly.


First, you can open the FlexClip homepage to learn about this website. And then, you can choose to create by template or start from scratch to start your project. This post will make a video by templates.


So after that, you can select the templates you want to use and customize.


Then you will enter the editing video interface, which has more functions. Here are a few main functions.

Most of them will be proficient only after practicing a few times. First of all, the first one is the variety show card.

You can mark the critical points of your video in critical places.

There are no special effects, and Dynamic is a dynamic font, and there will be more attractive in jumping fonts.

Most of my videos currently use this effect; the following Overly will occupy the entire layout;

The bottom is the animation special effects that can be put at the end of the end, as long as you make good use of it, it will become very dazzling.

You can use text or image watermarks to prevent your videos from being stolen by others.

The font or size can be adjusted below, which is very convenient.

Next is the main screen—double-click on the screen font to modify the content and adjust the font and color.

The following Filter is a filter, Adjust can adjust the exposure, brightness, etc., of the picture, and Speed is the video speed.

Move to the bottom to see the video. Here is all your material area. Click on Storyboard. You can add the materials you want.

Edit it well, and your video will be ready. With the template inside, you can make it very quickly. Great, all thing is prepared ready, then you can download your logo for free.

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In conclusion

Your videos are all made directly from templates, which will help you save more time. If you need to make some introduction videos or promotional ads, then try FlexClip.


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