RecordCast_ Super Easy-to-Use Online Screen Recording Tool

RecordCast: Super Easy-to-Use Online Screen Recording Tool


This post will introduce a mighty online screen recording website free of download and installation, supports dual screens, can record and record, and can also record with Webcam. Can you even edit online? This website is RecordCast.

Next, let’s go straight to the topic and review RecordCast.

Why you should use RecordCast?

Suitable for students to learn

RecordCast supports distance and distance learning. It can help students record online courses and lectures for later understanding.

Make instructional videos

By recording the screen, teach your audience how to complete the steps step by step.

Simple and convenient, improve business communication.

From presentation to product demonstration, RecordCast can easily share your ideas with vendors or customers.

Easy video creation.

You cannot only record screens or Webcams, but the website’s built-in video editor will also help you easily create simple videos containing text, music, special effects, etc.

Well, you surely want to know how to use RecordCast. Let’s check out how does this works for you and do your practice.

How to record and edit your video?

Screen recording.


The interface is quite concise, so you can quickly manage your project. It is recommended to register for free. For registration, you can use the Facebook account or Google account to sign up and E-mail registration. It’s all up to you!

Great, here, you can see two significant buttons, Start Recording or Try Video Editor.  Well, let first click the Button of Start Recording. And then, you will be asked to choose a recording mode. You have three modes to select, namely, Screen+ Webcam, Screen Only and Screen Only.


After choosing the Screen Only mode, a box will pop for you to set for audio recording.

There is also a reminder that each recording can take up to 30 minutes.

Click got it to decide which screen you want to record. If you think you have record everything ready, you can stop the recording. After that, you can download it or Edit and Export it in MP4.

Note: If you click to download directly here, the downloaded file format will be (.webm), which may not apply to every player.

So if you want to download as a universal MP4, remember to click “Edit and Export in MP4”.

Supplementary knowledge: Webm is a project funded by Google. The goal is to build an open, copyright-free video file format. The video file format should be able to provide high-quality video compression for use with HTML5.

Video editing screen

Here is a simple video editing screen. As long as you have used PowerDirector, PR, AE, MOVAVI, or related video editing software, I believe you will probably know how to use it.

When finally exporting the file, you can choose 480P, 720P, 1080P;

Best of best, you have to say that such an intelligent and easy-to-use software is 100% free.

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To sum up

It is very convenient to record the screen without downloading, and it supports dual-screen, Webcam, and you can also choose computer recording or microphone recording.

Regardless of whether it is a public computer or a private computer, as long as you authorize the browser permissions, you can easily complete screen recording, video recording, or audio recording.

This high degree of customizable software is very helpful for your own work if you like to share and teach. Sometimes the pictures that can’t be presented are teaching videos.

After the introduction, have you figured out how to use it? Go bold and try it.

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